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Frequently Asked Questions . . .

Looking for a quality instructor and school with comprehensive programs can be frustrating. Our goal at Target-Pro Firearms Training Academy, is to offer the best training at reasonable costs. After all, it is your hard-earned money you are investing - you deserve the best! Our knowledge, skills and attitude is worth far more than the nominal cost. You are promised and guaranteed to receive a training experience that you will never forget.

1. Does Target-Pro Firearms Training Academy teach NRA Classes?

The State of Tennessee requires 8 hours to qualify for the Handgun Carry Permit. The NRA Basic Pistol Course is 10 hours long. These are two separate courses. At any rate, with either course, no short-cuts are taken. After all, you are paying for instruction in the safe and responsible use of a firearm. The additional training provides you with a higher level of skill and comfort with your firearm. If you are persuing the Handgun Permit, you are required to complete 8 hours of training, using state approved training curricula and materials.

2. What classes are being offered?

Currently, in the Pistol Discipline, we teach NRA FIRST Steps Pistol and Basic Pistol. we also offer safety training for the Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit. Other courses continue to be added as needed.

3. What is the size of the classes?

Class sizes are kept small (15-20). This allows for better safety as well as time to provide personalized attention to each student. This is why you must pre-register for any class. Occasionally, our classes do exceed our maximum number. When this occurs, an adequate number of instructors assist the students. Everyone receives individual attention and instruction.

4. Are training aids used?

Yes! Target-Pro Firearms Training Academy believes in Total Participant Involvement! Tell me - I forget! Show me - I remember! Involve me - I understand! Every 17 minutes, students will have opportunity to directly interact with their learning by hands-on involvement. There is a lot of material to cover. This material is presented in lectures, using bite-size learning modules, for the best possible retention. For NRA courses, each student receives NRA's text book for each course as well as a binder full of resource information and shooting exercises to keep so that you may practice your new skills as often as you wish. Audio-visual aids such as posters, video, and lots of hands-on learning will provide not only a great learning experience, but will be fun and enjoyable as well. Power Point presentations are widely used. Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit classes are mostly lecture.

5. What firearms are used?

For Basic Handgun, Target-Pro Firearms Training Academy uses the single-action and double-action revolvers, as well as the semi-automatic pistol. You are trained on your own handgun for qualifying.

6. How much shooting opportunity will you have?

Plenty! The state requires only 48 rounds for the carry permit. One hundred rounds allows you to feel more comfortable with your firearm. Perhaps not everyone will shoot a full 100 rounds - but be prepared to do so! Bring 100 rounds to the class. Approximately four hours will be spent on the range.

7. Does Target-Pro Firearms Training Academy carry insurance?

You bet! The State require $300,000 for carry permit class instructors. We carry $1,000,000 liability insurance.

8. Can we later take the class again?

Upon successfully taking the class, you may take the Basic Handgun class again as a refresher course or for recurrent training. Your only responsibility would be the cost of your ammo and range fee. Depending on the location, there may not be a range fee. We at Target-Pro Firearms Training Academy want your experience to be pleasant, to stay current, or to expand your shooting skills. You do have a time limit of six months to apply for your State Carry Permit. In the event you miss the time limit, you may re-take the course at no cost, other than the above mentioned fees. You will also qualify for a 10% percent discount on other courses offered be Target-Pro Firearms Training Academy.

9. Are these classes safe?

Safety is the first thing we teach and is stressed throughout the training. Live ammunition is not allowed in the classroom.

10. I've never held a gun before. Will I be comfortable in a Pistol Class?

Our classes are designed for anyone - whether you are an experienced shooter or one who has never held a gun before. Safety is paramount and everyone will be under the supervision of a qualified instructor.

11. I am a woman - will I be the only one in class?

There are ladies in most of the classes. Ladies are treated equally and with respect. It has been my experience that some of the very best questions asked by students are the ones asked by a lady. Quite often, men do not want to ask a question simply because they think others will think less of them. Again, safety and knowledge is paramount in the instructing process of Target-Pro Firearms Training Academy. Your safety is a priority. Your questions will help others and more often than not, you ask questions that others would like the answer to.

12. Will I be asked questions in the class room?

No. You will not be asked any questions directly or indirectly. Our intent is to instruct in a positive manner - not negative. No one is put on the spot! Questions are only posed to the whole class - no single person is randomly called upon. Only those who volunteer with a response are called upon. As an instructor, I am very sensitive to the class. Typically, I know who can be called upon without any embarrassment or intimidation. I think you will be surprised at how informal our class is, and how comfortable and at ease you will quickly be made to feel! Target-Pro Firearms Training Academy maintains a positive, relaxed and fun atmosphere in the class room. This provides the best possible learning environment!

If you are interested in the Basic Pistol course or TN Handgun Carry Permit, you may contact Target-Pro Firearms Training Academy for further information at 615-512-3276 or

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