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Meet the Instructor . . .

My love for firearms began many years ago. Saturday was the one day of the week that I always looked forward to - sitting in the classroom as a young boy, daydreaming about being out in the fields hunting with my Papaw. Hunting was a big event.  At age 7, I was allowed to tag along with my Papaw on squirrel, rabbit and quail hunts.  It would not be until a year later that I would be allowed to carry a gun – a Crossman 360 air rifle.

When I turned 13, Fred Gillenwater, a fine southern gentleman, who was a member of my home church, introduced me to the range and high caliber rifles.  I will never forget shooting his 7 mm Remington – I am still rocking from the recoil! I don't think I hit the target, but it was fun anyway. I can still envision him reaching into his pocket withdrawing several bright, shiny cartridges that he had reloaded.  The bug bit hard and today, I still reload many different calibers, both pistol, rifle and shotgun.

Although Saturdays were considered days for hunting, serving as Minister of Music / Worship Leader for 31 years in full-time service, did not allow much time for the range or hunting.  Since retiring, I have been able to renew my shooting, hunting and reloading experiences allowing for the instruction of others.

Isaac, almost 7, is an energetic boy, who follows Papaw, helping in projects around the house and church. Our favorite thing to do is simply to "hangout" together! Monday and Fridays are dedicated to doing lunch at Chick-Fil-A. Of course the ultimate is to have lunch at Chuckie Cheese, where this picture was taken. I have learned a lot about what's important to little boys - and, that is, simply to spend quality time with them - making them feel as though they are the most important person in the whole world! Guess what? That is what I really enjoy doing!

For the last six years, I served as Worship Leader/Pastor at Trinity Baptist Church, Hendersonville, TN., in a part-time position. Serving our Lord is my number one passion and gives way to all other activities that I may be involved in!

While serving in full-time church service for 26 years, I also taught band in elementary and high school on a part-time basis. Coupled with teaching Conducting and Worship Planning at the Louisville Theological Southern Seminary, this has provided me with a broad experience at teaching all age groups.

For several years, I taught Basic Communication and Electronics and Amateur Radio courses in our community, which led many students to their first step in Amateur Radio.

Through the years, I have worked closely with radio and television broadcast. In recent years, I managed and operated a local radio station, (WDBL AM/FM) and hosted the popular daily program "Community Focus."

I am an NRA Certified Training Couselor, Instructor and Shooting Coach, and a certified TN State Carry Permit Instructor. I provide supervised Recreational Shooting Activities to groups and businesses.

Other hobbies include Amateur Radio (WO4T– Extra Class), Private Pilot, fishing, photography and woodworking.

Have you seen my grandkids pictures? Thought you would never ask! My four girls and their families reside in Kentucky. One of the great things about Christmas is that we are all together - including nine grandbabies ranging in age from 1 to 10 years of age. Have you ever tried to get nine toddlers to all look at the camera at the same time? Don't try - it can't be done! Having all girls, I now have my share (and then some) of grandboys! Obviously, some one is missing - someone had to take the picture! Meet Julie, Jill, Jennifer and Janet - all my girls. Jacob, James, Erin, Sarah, Joshua, Ethan, Jordan, Hayden, Emma Kate, Isabel, Patrick, Samuel, and Hudson made Christmas celebration exciting. Isaac lives here in Hendersonville and is the one on the four-wheeler with me (supervised).

Gary Carrier

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