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Attention Hunters!

Get Zeroed In for Deer Season

Just because you bought yourself a fine new rifle and scope doesn't mean that you are guaranteed to take down that white-tailed deer come hunting season. Statistics prove that a large majority of hunters purchase their dream rifle, with a quality scope, and never fire a test shot before taking it to the woods. Even those who have attempted to shoot their gun, zeroing the scope before heading off to the woods, often achieve less than desirable results, often spending lots of time on the range, shooting two or three boxes of ammunition, while never achieving the desired results of a truly sighted-in rifle.

Or, it may be, that you have had your rifle for a number of seasons and are mounting a new scope on it.

There's more to shooting with a scope than just mounting it on a rifle and firing. You have to zero a scope properly. Making the correct adjustments to your scope can make the difference between harvesting your deer and missing it by a mile. Adjustments are key to having a successful hunting season.

Because of this, there has been a demand for someone to help achieve a truly zeroed rifle scope, matched to the ammunition being shot. Amateur shooters may go through two or more boxes of ammunition and still not have a scope that is zeroed in.

I have provided this service for a number of years and will be happy to assist you in achieving an accurate shooting gun. I mount scopes, bore sight and fine tune the scope on a 200 yard range.

The cost of mounting, bore sighting, and fine zeroing tuning is $25.00, plus one box of twenty ammunition, supplied by the customer. The cost alone will save you the hassle, time, and may save you $$ on the purchase of ammunition.

If you are interested in this service provided by Target-Pro Firearms Training Academy, please call me at 615-512-3276, or email at targetpro@live.com.




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